What is Hemp Oil?

What is Hemp Oil ?  Other than the fact that it is a Super-food, we will look at the different types of Hemp oils available and how it can benefit you. Since ancient times extractions of oil from the Hemp plant has been used. The seed were used as food, interestingly mainly for animals in those days. There are a variety of oils and it depends very much on the way it is processed. Cold pressed oil is unfiltered and has a dark green and unclear color.

It has a nutty flavor and sometimes grassy texture Refined Hemp Oil doesn’t have any color and lacks the original flavor of the unrefined oil. The more refined the oil, the less nutrients it has. If the focus is on nutrition, the unrefined oil is better, but for topical purposes the refined oil is good.

The oils are both extracted from the plant but because it is processed different, the benefits are different too. So what is hemp oil? We'll let you know...

Hemp Seed Oil in its Refined and Unrefined form

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the plant and there are two different ways to process it:

  • Unrefined Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil is green and has a nutty flavor that preserves the nutritional content of hemp. It is perfectly balanced oil. It uses very little heat in the process and has not been bleached. It is virgin oil and after it is opened it should be stored in the refrigerator as shelf life is shorter. Closer to expiration the oil can smell foul. Best to get rid of it when it starts to smell off. Unrefined Hemp oil can be consumed for many problems and is good for Eczema, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Inflammation and Acne to name a few. One tablespoon of Unrefined Hemp Oil daily is good enough to see results.
  • Refined Hemp Seed Oil is without color and clear and lacks many of the vitamins and properties the unrefined Hemp oil is known for, this oil gets rather used as an ingredient in soaps and body care products as well as a lubricant and even in plastic. It does not mean that it doesn’t have good properties, because it is still full of Essential Fatty acid content and serves very well as a moisturizer amongst other. It also is very good as an anti-aging agent and can be used in hair and scalp
  • Hemp Essential Oil is harvested form the upper leaves and flowers of the plant. The essence of the plant is captured by using a method of steam distillation. This oil has got a light green color with a strong therapeutic aroma. It is one of the most expensive oils in the world as it takes more than 50 pounds to make 1 ounce of essential oil. It gets used in candles and massages to promote its therapeutic benefits.

Is Hemp Oil a complete protein?

what is hemp oil
Hemp seeds are full of proteins and therefore Hemp Oil has a fair amount of protein as well. It is a complete protein that includes all the amino acids needed by the human body. There is about 20 % protein in Hemp Oil. For this reason this oil is very good for recovery after a workout or surgery.

Hemp oil is safe oil that can be taken internally as well as topically. It can be used for salads and to cook with but it better not to fry with it. And now you know what is hemp oil and how it benefits your person.