What is Charas? How can you Make it?
What is Charas?

What is Charas?

Charas is a word that is not all that known. Even long-time users might not have heard about it. What is Charas then? Where can you get it and how do you use it? There are so many products of marijuana on display right now and everyone would like to get ahold of something new and exquisite.

What is Charas- getting to know it

Charas is most definitely one of the oldest forms of weed concentrates. In a country like India and in the Himalayas marijuana often grows wild and openly. A few weeks before the marijuana bud is ripe, it is used to extract the resin that is called charas. Sometimes it is also referred to as hashish.

Charas is not hashish

 It is important to know the difference between charas and hashish. Charas is made from living cannabis and the purest form of charas comes from the Himalayas. Hashish is made from dried harvested cannabis. The reason why it is called hashish is that it looks similar. Hashish is more well-known and can be found all over the world.

Historical background- what is charas?

Coming from a country like India it is certain that charas would play a deeper role other than just to be used for recreational purposes.

So what is charas then, or is it just another type of marijuana? Charas is a highly revered form of traditional Indian cannabis. Charas usually get sold in sticks or balls to be smoked using a chillum.

A chillum is a special kind of pipe used by the Hindu monks. Charas plays a central role in many Hindu practices and rituals. In one of the prayer rituals, charas is smoked to communicate and honor the Hindu god Shiva.

How to make Charas

Even though charas originates from the Himalayas it does not mean you can’t have access to it. It is totally possible to make charas at home. The extract is quite easy to make.

Timing is crucial- again it is to be stressed that charas is made from live buds. Flowers have to be picked 2 – 3 weeks before they are ripe for harvesting. At this stage, the buds are smaller and more delicate than when they are in full bloom. What makes it so potent though, is that there are huge concentrations of THC present in these small buds.

Right after the buds are picked, trim some leaves away but be sure to leave a part of the stem for better handling.

Start rubbing the buds slowly between your hands. Gradually increase the speed. The slower the rubbing strokes are the higher the quality will be. Shortly after the process is started, oils and tar-like residue will be released all over the palms of your hands.

The substance is black and this is called charas. What is charas? – the black resin residue on the palms and fingers formed into a little ball super high in THC.

Final thoughts

Charas is made by hand in a time-consuming process. It takes about 7 to 8 hours to produce 8 grams. The secret in achieving a high quality is rubbing it slowly. It is worthwhile trying charas once. Even the most experienced users would be surprised by its potency.