What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants?
What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants?

What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants?

Over the last 10 years or so there has been a revolutionary change in the Cannabis market. The old traditional way of planting herb is still in use, but new developments also broke onto the scene. What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants? What makes them different from photoperiod plants?

What are Auto-flowering Plants- the next generation?

Aut0-flowering plants are those flowering when it reaches a certain stage of development. They are different from photoperiod cannabis strains. Photoperiod strains, or traditional marijuana plants, will only start to flower after the summer solstice when the sun becomes more abundant. What are auto-flowering Plants? These strains are descendants of a wild strain of hemp in Russia in the 1940’s. They were identified as Ruderalis.  Breeders have also developed hybrid strains that allow the plant to flower when it reaches a certain stage.

Attributes of Auto-flowering Plants

  • What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants?
    What is Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants?
    They are smaller – makes it easier to hide and is a safer choice
  • Grow very fast and yield decent harvests.
  • More resistant to insects and pests than normal strains
  • Can be harvested in 10 weeks no matter the light. They follow the growth schedule embedded in their genes.

How does Auto-flowering Work?

Cannabis is traditionally a photoperiod plant. This means it has a life cycle specifically during the flowering phase. It gets influenced by changes in the timing of light exposure and sunlight.

Understanding this process, growers manipulate easily the growth of indoor plants. Plants can be spurred to flower by simply keeping them in 12 hours total darkness every night for a couple of weeks. Traditional plants outside will go into flowering when natural season variations affect them. It, therefore, takes much longer.

Auto-flowering plants are programmed to flower when they are a specific age rather than responding to changes in light exposure. Weather and sunlight have no influence on them. They will go into the flowering phase after a certain number of weeks.

Life Cycle of Auto-flowering Cannabis

The post-germination life cycle of the majority of auto-flowering marijuana strains is 8 – 12 weeks in total. They don’t require the 12-12 light schedule to bloom. They continue through the life cycle notwithstanding the light-dark cycle.

Growth accelerated

What are Auto-flowering Plants?
What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants?
Within 30 days they burst into bloom. It is just very important to get them off to a healthy start. A watchful eye should be kept over the growth period as a lot can happen to a plant in a week, especially if there is more than one. There is not a lot of time for replanting so it might be best to sow into first and final containers from start. Air-pots seem to work best.

Adjust the grow lamp daily to avoid scorched foliage. A normal temperature is between 20- 25 degrees Celsius. Humidity should be between 50 – 70 %

When can flowering be expected?

As soon as the pistils shoot from the first flowers, within 45 – 60 days the plant will be full in bloom and ready for harvesting.

Benefits of Auto-flowering Cannabis plants

Auto-flowering plants are not just for indoor growth, they are just as excellent for outdoor planting. All you need is 2 to 3 months of reasonable sunny weather. They are doing better than traditional marijuana plants in cooler areas because they can withstand cool weather better. For warmer areas, they can produce multiple harvests during spring and fall.

What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants?

They are essentially a game-changer. For anyone in a hurry to harvest, auto-flowering strains are the way to go.