The Anatomy of a Cannabis PLant
The anatomy of the cannabis plant

The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant

The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant
The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant
We might not all be interested in cultivating our own cannabis plant. In fact, most likely few people know much about the plant other than how to smoke it. It is however not a bad idea to brush up on The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant. Any user of marijuana should know that it is far more complex than just a weed.

The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant- Why do I need to know it?

If you are thinking of growing your own plants, it is vital to know that there are male and female plants. If you don’t know what the purpose of each one is, you might waste time and money on cultivating the wrong one. It could influence your potency of weed too. If you are interested in the medicinal benefits, it is also good to understand the Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant.

A breakdown of the plant


All things that grow need roots to anchor them. The roots are not just an anchoring support, but also bring nutrients to the rest of the plant. The roots start out as a single taproot, but gradually develops secondary root that finally ends in a fibrous mass. The roots act also as the vascular system of the plant where the xylem water and minerals pump to all the plant.

Main stem and Branches

The main stem runs from the root and supports the vertical growth of the plant. Its main purpose is to bring water to the whole plant. Leaf nodes spring from the stem where branching takes place. The inter-node spacing isthe distance between the sets of branches.

Fan Leaves

The cannabis plant is recognized by its fan leaves. They grow in pairs from the stem and branches and help to distinguish between Sativa and Indica marijuana. Indica has dark, wide leaves, whereas Sativa has slender light green leaves. Hybrids have a blend of the two. The fan leaves are essential for photosynthesis.

Cannabis Flowers- the difference between male and female

Female plant – The flowering top of the female plant is called the cola. Look for white hair coming out of the leaf node in pre-flower to identify female plants.

Male plant- male plants don’t have buds when they flower. They will also not be the largest of the plants. They produce stamens with anthers loaded with pollen.


Calyxes are tiny clusters in the form of teardrops that makes the bud. Leaves grow around and between the calyxes. The calyx protects the pistils and the ovule and forms part of the bud. The highest concentration of trichomes is found there.


Pistils are the hair on nugs and help you to identify female plants. Initially, when they come out they are white but change from orange to brown. The main objective is to get pollen from the male plant.

Cannabis Resin or Trichomes

The resin glands found on the flower and calyxes are trichomes. They look like tiny glasslike mushrooms. In the Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant trichomes play a vital role. All the microscopic cannabinoids come from the trichomes. This is also the part where hash and kief are made of.


The seeds of the plant are hidden in the calyx. The seeds are far more valuable than growing new plants. Cannabis seeds are also packed with nutrition and medicinal properties.