Marijuana Activist Overview: Jack Herer
Who is Jack Herer Marijuana Activist

Who is Jack Herer Marijuana Activist?

who is jack herer marijuana activist
In 1985 a man named  Jack Herer took the initiative to write a book called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” It was this book that started the modern cannabis legalization movement. Who is Jack Herer Marijuana Activist? He was the man that had a Sativa Strain named after him in honor of his work as an avid cannabis activist.

In his Early Years he was not so pro cannabis. He served in the army as a post –Korean MP and thought America was without doubt the greatest place on earth.

He encountered and incident where some guys, all white, burned the American Flag and their draft cards. As they were also smoking pot, he contributed their misplaced loyalty, or lack of it, to weed.

He only changed his mind after his divorce when a new girlfriend introduced him to Acapulco Gold, a weed strain that let him experience things in a magical way. He started researching the relationship with mankind and cannabis and it turned him to the devoted activist he was.

On the Road to Set Cannabis Free

The battle was long and is still not completely won. Years went by where possession of marijuana was seen as a federal crime. A few brave men stood their ground and paid for it.

Dennis Peron, the father of medical marijuana was shot by police but thankfully survived and continued his work in California.

Another brave doctor, Dr. Tod Mikuriya, was the first to give lifesaving recommendation to California Prop. 215 patients. He suffered under ruthless attacks by law enforcement, anti-cannabis protestors and medical associations.


Who Is Jack Here Marijuana Activist?- Forerunner 

Jack Herer also started his walk as a cannabis advocate in the 1970’s. Then there was not the luxury of internet and social media. Things had to be done the hard way.

There was not even a thought of legalizing it yet. They would gather at political rallies and concerts where Jack Herer would educate and participate.

Opened Shop – In South Carolina he opened a shop where he would sell bongs, pipes, rolling papers and general stuff weed users needed. But something that really hit the target was the cartoon book he co-authored about evaluating the quality and potency of marijuana.

The cartoon book was called G.R.A.S.S.: The Great Revolutionary American Standard System. It was an educational tract that became popular overnight.

His Progression in the Movement

The popularity of the cartoon book sparked a new project where he for decades documented the plant’s agricultural, cultural and medical history as well as the fact that it is so outrageously banned.

His Book: The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Who Is Jack Herer Marijuana Activist
Who is Jack Herer Marikuana Activist

When he spent two weeks in a federal jail after he  was fined for registering voters in a parking lot and refused to pay the fine, he decided to write the non-fiction book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”.

The book was based on the 12 years of data about marijuana and how it could be used. Today it is used as a reference in the legalization and rescheduling process.

He potently states that by legalizing the cultivation of hemp it could singlehandedly restore the greenhouse gasses on the environment. In the book he also reminds people how valuable hemp in the past was and how it still can contribute immensely today.

Passed Away But Always Remembered

After a long sick bed he died at the age of 70 after complications with a heart attack. He died knowing that his work was not in vain and that at last it is starting to gain momentum.