How Long does THC stay in your System?
how long does THC stay in your system?

The human body is quite complex and as it is an organic organism, the interaction with whatever we take in or put on the skin might be difficult to understand. As we have an Endocannabinoid system and Cannabis has cannabinoids, there are more than one system we are dealing with here. So it very much depends on what system we are talking about to know how long THC stays in our system.

It is valuable for anyone consuming Cannabis in whatever way to be aware of how it interacts and how to deal with drug screens if it ever should come up. How long weed stays in your system has very much to do with the amount and frequency the user smokes or consumes.

As the culprit in Marijuana is the psychoactive THC, only for the reason that is still is listed as a scheduled drug, we should worry about it. THC gets metabolized quite fast if you smoke it. It takes a bit longer when it is taken as edibles. The hard one to get rid of is called metabolites. They stay as a byproduct in fatty tissue for quite a time and spill the truth of previous Cannabis use. So to be more exact, if your system deals with active delta- 9 THC (psychoactive part), it gets rid of it quite fast. Eliminate inactive THC-COOH (metabolite) takes much longer.

There are 4 systems in the body that rat us out. The first system is:

Circulatory System- Cannabis stays for the shortest time there as the blood is flowing through it. When you smoke, you take weed up through your lungs and when you eat, it gets taken up through your digestive system. But it only hits you when it is in your blood, because it is then that it gets taken to your brain. The THC compounds get broken down very fast though and don’t stay long in your blood. That is why at an accident scene blood will be tested to show if you were under the influence of Cannabis at the time of the accident. THC will stay in your blood for 1 to 2 days if you are a first time smoker, but it could stay up to a week in your system if you are a regular user.

Saliva – When you smoke or eat Cannabis, your inside of your mouth get covered by THC and therefor similar to blood tests, a swab test gets done to test for THC.  Eating it makes it a bit harder to stick but it also stays around 2 days in the mouth. An easy way to get rid of it is a good mouthwash or brushing teeth.

Urine tests- Our bodies absorb THC but also other cannabinoids. Drug tests only look for THC and that doesn’t stay too long in the system, but the other byproducts, namely metabolites stick to fatty tissue and it much harder to get rid of that. It is not so easy to tell exactly how long it stays in your system because every individual is different. A first time smoker might have it in the urine for about 5 to 8 days, but a daily user can have it present in the urine for up to 77 days. It obviously doesn’t mean you are still intoxicated, but it shows that you have consumed.

Weed stays in your Hair- Interesting enough this system can keep evidence for the longest time. It can stay in the hair follicles for years after use. This test normally gets done to proof that the user has consumed more than 90 days back. This test only really works on everyday users. One time or occasional users can’t be tested this way.

So in conclusion, when you take marijuana in in any form, the effect of being high passes quite fast. It depends really on what test will be used in a drug test to know how long it would be present.