Does Cannabis Help For PTSD?
Does Cannabis Help For PTSD?

Does Cannabis Help for PTSD? This is a question that many people ask when they have suffered a traumatic experience. Today, we'll be taking a deep dive into the subject. Continue reading to find out does cannabis help for PTSD.

Our body naturally reacts to trauma and/or stress to protect itself. The stress response known as “fight or flight” develops when critical thinking is necessary in a highly stressful position. Most often people bounce back after such a traumatic event, but some people develop Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome or PTSD. This condition could last for a long time after the event occurred, sometimes even years. Does Cannabis Help for PTSD? Conventional treatment or medication is not always effective and many turn to self-medicating using marijuana to improve quality of life.

Define Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Does Cannabis Help For PTSD
PTSD is a serious anxiety disorder developing after exposure to psychological trauma. People in the military or police are often exposed to gruesome acts of violence or murder and they end up with haunting nightmares. People with PTSD often feel under threat or at risk even though there is no danger.

Symptoms are sleep problems, irritability, recurring re-experience of the trauma, anger, poor concentration, blackouts, phobia of people or places and experiences reminding the person of the trauma.

When diagnosed with PTSD you need to experience at least one of the following symptoms for a month or more:

  • Intrusive memories or re-experiencing. For some the triggered event keep on coming back and for other it could be recurring dreams or troubling thoughts about the traumatic event
  • Thought and mood chances. PSTD chances the way you look at the world. The person feels negative about himself and loose interest in activities or things that were pleasing before.
  • The person tries to stay away from people or places that link to the event to avoid the triggering of the event.
  • Emotional or physical reactions. Changes in the emotional or physical reactions could be things like difficulty sleeping, lack of concentration, self-destructing behavior and to be startled easily.

Does Cannabis Help for PTSD?

Apart from being a natural alternative to conventional anti-depressants, cannabis is known for treating symptoms like severe anxiety, insomnia, fear, anger issues, irritability and depression or sadness. Naturally it would act an excellent therapeutic treatment for PTSD

How Does It Work?

Does Cannabis Help For PTSD
It is believed that marijuana works by removing association to painful memories. Furthermore the side effects of using cannabis are: increase in appetite, feeling happy, red eyes and cotton mouth, whereas conventional anti-depressants might cause headaches, agitation, sexual problems and even suicide.

Cannabinoids receptors are found in various places throughout the body and brain that makes it viable to be treated by cannabis. Mental and physical conditions can be treated and altered with marijuana. When the cannabinoid receptors are activated they can impair or suppress memory and help to lower anxiety. The main purpose of those receptors is to help you forget bad and scary events in life.

THC or CBD? 

With more research done on how to treat PTSD with marijuana, scientists tend to lean towards CBD treatment rather than THC. Those patients suffering from PSTD still smoke when it comes to self-medication, but one psychiatry professor states that CBD is more effective as it hits many receptors; more than we understand yet. CBD seems to have a long-lasting and altering effect where high levels of THC have a short-term effect and could even worsen symptoms over time.