Cannabis for HIV/AIDS?

Today we will be taking a closer look at Cannabis For HIV/AIDS. In fact, it was one of the first reasons why medical cannabis was permitted back in 1997. Find out why below!


HIV/Aids are a collection of conditions caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Cannabis for HIV/AIDS is therefore a natural response to treating this condition. As one of the most feared conditions worldwide, people are always looking for ways to treat or cure HIV.  In order to understand why Cannabis is good for HIV and Aids, we need to first understand what HIV and Aids are.

What is HIV and Aids?

Cannabis for HIV/AIDS
What makes HIV so potent is that the HIV virus attacks the Immune system; our immune system’s main purpose is to protect us against illnesses. The virus destroys the T-Helper white blood cell and makes copies of itself inside the cell. The more of the T-Helper (CD4) cells are destroyed, the weaker the immune system gets. It can take up to 15 years for the immune system to be totally destroyed where it can’t defend the body against illnesses. The sooner HIV is discovered, the sooner treatment can start and a long healthy life expectance is possible.

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and is stage IV of HIV infection. It is thus important to identify the patients with HIV early on in order to prevent the development of AIDS.


Cannabis For  HIV/AIDS

Studies show that when cannabinoid-based therapies are used to treat HIV, it combats the side- effects of HIV and anti-retroviral therapy. THC is a well -recognized immunosuppressant. THC suppresses pDC (Plasmacytoid dendritic cell) function during the early host antiviral response. The effect is that cannabis prevents the condition from worsening.

Benefits of Marijuana for Treating HIV/AIDS

Cannabis For HIV/AIDS


Stimulates Appetite – One of the symptoms of HIV is the loss of appetite and thus weight. Studies found that the therapeutic use of Cannabis improve body weight and appetite. On such study had a 97% increase in appetite.

Helps with Nausea – a common symptom of HIV, is nausea. Part of the cause could be the anti-retroviral therapies they use. Using cannabis, the side-effects of these therapies are easier to handle.

Anxiety and Mood swings are easier to control by using Cannabis. It is found that self-confidence and overall happiness have been improved when Marijuana is used on a daily basis.

Chronic Pain is very hard to live with. Those suffering from HIV experience pain in their muscles, joints and nerves. Studies show when HIV patients use cannabis in any form, there is a reduction in pain. Quality of life is better and depression, anxiety and fatigue are also addressed.

Peripheral Neuropathic Pain is a chronic condition that occurs when the motor, sensory and automatic nerves are damaged. HIV patients often suffer from this condition. The pain is excruciating and cannabis helps to relief the level of pain and also improves sleep.

Conclusion on Cannabis for HIV/AIDS

Research has proven that  Cannabis can be used together with anti-retroviral treatment to combat HIV infection. The THC in marijuana helps the immune system to produce more CD4 and CD8 (disease fighting cells) in the immune system. By introducing cannabinoids into the system, the HIV virus is prevented from communicating with receptors on immune cells. Thus leads to the reduction of infected cells. This ultimately slows down the progress of HIV.