Can Weed Stems Be Used?

Every little bit of the Cannabis plant can be used,  but can weed stems be used? Whatever is leftover of your precious weed sample does not have to be discarded, thus; Weed Stems Can Be Used.

It is true that most of the psychoactive potency lies in the flower and bud and many separate the stems from the bud when a joint is prepared. The stems however, also carry residue from the plant they supported. Harvesting the crystals from the stems then is an awesome way to make use of every part of your stash.

As the stems have less THC in them, it would be practical to decarboxylate them first. It would activate the cannabinoids and transform THCA to THC that makes it more potent to use in whatever way you choose. The best way to do it is to spread it on a baking sheet and bake it for about 60 minutes in an oven between 100 – 110 degrees Celsius.

How can Weed Stems be used?

can weed stems be used

Weed Stem Tea comes to mind as the first viable option. Infusing your tea with weed stems is a great way to relax. Best is to use the stems after they had been decarboxylated. You could grind them up a bit but need to be careful not to grind it too fine as it would leave a very bitter taste. Put some in a teapot and cover them with water. Remember to add coconut oil or butter and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Strain the water through something like cheesecloth and use the infused water to brew your tea.

Weed stem uses

If you like tinctures you can always make Green Dragon. Green Dragon is a cannabis cocktail made from alcohol infused weed stems. The decarboxylated stems are put into a mason jar and topped with edible alcohol. The higher the alcohol content, the better the potency. Put the Mason jar in a dark cupboard and shake it once per day. Leave it for at least a week and when done, strain the alcohol though a filter and use it in cocktails or straight up. Just remember that the effect would be different than drinking regular alcohol, so be wise. This is a great way to prove the answer to the question, "can weed stems be used?"

weed stem uses

Topical creams are another thing weed stems could be used for. As the skin has its own CB1 and CB2 receptors, cannabis infused creams do wonders and helps with many ailments. Good recipes are all over available.

weed stem uses

If you are into Cannabis Edibles weed stems could be used for Cannabutter. You obviously would use quite a big amount of weed stems to make the butter as it is less potent than other parts of the plant. Grind the stems, a food processor could do the thing, and put it in a sauce pan with some butter. Simmer over a low heat for about 45 minutes. Stir it frequently and once the stems turned brown, turn the heat off. Strain the butter to get rid of any plant matter and keep it in the fridge. It could be used in all sorts of recipes and ways.

One thing that is not advisable is to grind the stems up to smoke it. First of all, there is not really a lot of THC to have the proper effect.  Secondly, the stems are mostly plant matter and as a result, you could just end up with a huge headache. Now that you know the answer to can weed stems be used, you can start learning about marijuana seeds.