What is the best way to keep marijuana fresh?
best way to keep marijuana fresh

When it involves, however, you store marijuana, the do’s and don’ts square measure pretty basic. however, the rules will vary counting on your living arrangements, budget, aesthetic vogue, and earth science.

There is no such issue as an Associate in the Nursing expiration date for marijuana. it's a dried herb and may last a protracted time if aged properly and hold on properly. Here square measure some vital tips to stay your bud recent and engaging.

No Plastic Containers, Please

If you have got a couple of nugs in a very plastic baggie, you’re doing it wrong. initial of all, you risk crushing your buds, removing the potent trichomes from the bud and rendering your herb as less potent.

Plastic is additionally an Associate in the Nursing ineffective medium during which to carry herbs. Over time, the plastic can have an effect on the style of the herb. These low-cost baggies additionally don't hold within the odor, therefore it's not a separate storing methodology. And lastly, it's simply esthetically ugly.

Keep Out Of Reach of kids

A no-brainer, however, this tip shouldn't be omitted. If you have got youngsters living with you otherwise you have youngsters in your home from time to time, store your weed in a very place out of reach. If you're unable to follow this rule, one wonders if you actually ought to be overwhelming cannabis. Be sensible and outsmart the children. It shouldn’t be that troublesome.

Glass Is King

Airtight glass jars square measure your best bet. My favorite containers square measure Mason jars as a result of they'll be found with regards to anyplace. With glass, your marijuana stays consistent … nothing gets in or out of the jar till you open it and permit atomic number 8 to enter.

When you store things in glass, nothing goes in and zilch goes out. What you set within a glass jar stays even as smart because the day you set it in till you expose it to atomic number 8 once more. Also, glass doesn't turn out a scent, therefore, you may not be introducing completely different odors to your herb. What you purchased can style like what you purchased.

Keep In A Cool Dark Place

The only drawback to clear glass is that it permits in a lightweight, that may injury your herb. therefore notice a cabinet (again, assume kid safety) or a drawer or location in your home that continues to be dark throughout the day. If your glass jar gets too heat from daylight, the jar could “sweat” from the within, that may place your stash in danger for mold.

Temperature And humidness

Ideally, store your herb in a very cool, dark place. however cool? attempt to keep it beneath seventy degrees. If it gets within the higher 70s or on top of. mold may become a difficulty. humidness is additionally an element, however a touch tougher to manage. A rule of thumb is to stay marijuana hold on at regarding sixty % humidness. on top of sixty-five % could gift a tangle with mold.

Do NOT Use The icebox Or electric refrigerator

Never store your cannabis within the icebox or electric refrigerator. The temperature and humidness fluctuations square measure an excessive amount of for cannabis. chilling the bud makes it brittle and therefore the THC trichomes can break off, feat you with weak weed.

Size Matters

When choosing the proper jar, admit what quantity of marijuana is within the jar. You don’t need to use Associate in Nursing over-sized jar for a little quantity of bud as a result of you're permitting a lot of atomic number 8 in. attempt to match the instrumentality with the quantity of cannabis to be held on. As your stash diminishes, attempt victimization smaller jars.

Store single

If you have got over one strain to store, use separate containers. every strain has its own distinctive characteristics and therefore the best thanks to maintaining the distinctiveness is to store the strains in their own jar.