Bubblers are transportable, single-piece devices that are ultimately water pipes. they permit for smoother hits, and there are many different sorts on the market.

Smoking cannabis may be implausibly numerous expertise, particularly after you think about the huge array of strains on the market and also the many different ways in which to smoke them. Rolling and lighting up a joint or stuffing a bong bowl full with dried flowers is kind of standard procedure; but, there are rather a lot of exotic vessels of selection once it involves firing up the herb.


Bubblers are one such fascinating and completely different way to smoke cannabis. A bubbler may be a variety of water pipe and thus falls into the class of the way more known and widely used bong. Yet, bubblers are quite different in varied ways and have their own distinctive set of benefits that aren’t obtainable once taking hits from a bong.

Much like the common bong, though, bubblers feature a mouthpiece, bowl, a stem, and a chamber that holds water so as for the smoke to travel through. this permits the smoke to become cooled within the process, contributory to a sleek and buttery hit. Some bubblers conjointly contain a percolator, additional|an extra} water chamber that assists further within the cooling process. Some models additionally show carb holes that leave a cleaner and quicker clearing of smoke.

Compact Size

Bubblers are a handy addition to anyone’s kit, particularly if you’re a small amount of Associate in Nursing adventurer. The bubbler’s most appealing facet needs to be its size.

We all like our kit to be discreet, and no smoking tools return as compact and restrained because of the bubbler.

An added bonus is that the bubbler conjointly makes less noise than the standard bong once taking a hit, the times of waking mum and pa within the dead of night are over!

Unfortunately, with the little size of the bubbler, you may ought to sacrifice the dimensions of the bowl, ultimately that means you may not get the maximum amount of a hit.

While this could not seem to be excellent news for the experienced smoker, it'll facilitate to manage the hit you get. The bubbler provides a way smoother lighter draw for those that don’t need an intense hit.

On the plus aspect once again; the bubbler may be a tiny piece of kit. there's less material utilized in the manufacture of it rendering it less expensive and reasonable. For costs as low as $10, this can be unimaginable worth for money.


marley smoked bubbler weed

Various sorts of bubblers exist that each one boast slightly different tweaks and perks. for instance, hammer bubblers have chambers with flat bottoms, permitting them to be placed steadily upon a surface like several bongs.

Pendant bubblers are one among the foremost inventive styles and maybe thread with a chunk of string that permits them to be worn around the neck as each a piece of jewelry and a cannabis smoking device. this sort of unit is ideal for musical events and encampment journeys.

Double bubblers provide some super smooth hits. they're equipped with 2 chambers that hold individual percolators. The smoke that comes out of the mouthpiece of those bubblers is both cool and smooth sleek. Sherlock Bubblers are terribly the same as Sherlock pipes and have a similar distinctive form.

Easy to Handle

Due to its tiny stature, the bubbler is way less cumbersome to use than traditional bongs. This makes it a fine alternative for newcomers. There are sometimes no detachable aspects of the bubbler, creating it an extremely functioning single unit.


The Martian Glass Bubbler

It has typically been claimed by users that the bubbler ensures you get a way a lot of concentrated taste.

This taste will typically be lost on once exploitation the bong because of its water filtration system and also the reality the smoke takes physically longer to jaunt the user.

Quite the looker

Although the bubbler is miniature in stature, this has not hindered the look aspect.

Bubblers are best-known for their beautiful look and decoration and are offered in a very gorgeous array of various styles, colors, and concepts.

One factor is for sure, a bubbler is actually one among the foremost fashionable smoking tools. Have a glance at our web store to check some samples of simply however creative bubbler making has become.


One of the downsides to employing a bubbler regards maintenance. in contrast to some bongs, they can't be taken apart because of the shortage of various sections and elements. several bubblers comprise only 1 whole glass unit. This makes the cleanup method slightly tough. cleanup is critical to stay everything sanitary, operational, and looking the part.

The lack of removable elements has another downside; several bubblers cannot be changed or improved upon by adding new pieces and taking others away. this can be one thing that bongs have an upper-hand on. bong rigs may be simply changed to suit the user’s preferences.

Keep it clean!

Unfortunately, the one main crux of the bubbler is that it gets dirty terribly quickly and quite simply. like all smoking equipment, a bubbler needs regular cleanup.

Anything that you just take regular hits from goes to need a decent through clean. Besides being probably harmful to your health, an unclean bubbler will become blocked and taint the taste of your chosen herb.

You wouldn’t eat off an unclean plate or drink from a dirty glass, therefore don’t smoke from an unclean bubbler!


In short, the bubbler may be a fantastic item to own in your arsenal. The bubbler is right for those that need tiny, controlled hits while not shelling out the money for a full sized, bulky bong.

If you’re searching for the compactness and efficiency of a pipe combined with the convenience of smoking from a traditional bong, look no more than everyone’s favorite smoking hybrid; the bubbler.