Cannabis and the Red Eye Effect
why do your eyes get red when smoking weed

Cannabis and the Red Eye Effect

why do your eyes get red when smoking weed
The majority of pot smokers battle with  Cannabis and the Red Eye Effect. Especially if they have to be somewhere where they don’t want  anyone to notice they are high.

But Why do your Eyes get red when you smoke Weed? Could it be the smoke that lingers in the air? Or, could it be that your eyes are too sensitive, or that you even have an allergic reaction?

It is well known that marijuana makes your eyes red, but interestingly not everyone’s eyes turn red. Genetically we are all different and some are more prone to red eyes than other. But Cannabis and the Red Eyes Effect surely are linked to smoking weed and getting high and sometimes that can bring you in trouble.

What makes your eyes turn red?

Red eyes are caused because the blood pressure changes in your eye. The psychoactive compound THC has an effect on blood pressure by letting it drop. Inner-eye pressure drops and dilates the blood vessels and capillaries. As a result, blood flow increases and blood vessels expand to give us the red eye look.

For this reason some find it good for Glaucoma. Glaucoma leads to higher intraocular pressure. One side effect is that the pressure only gets lowered for 3 to 4 hours. A person suffers from Glaucoma needs the pressure to be lowered constantly though out the day so it might be recommendable to speak to a medic with regards to the treatment of Glaucoma.

Retinal damage is another condition that benefits from using weed. As cannabis has antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, it promotes retinal health and prevents vision loss.

How can you Treat Red eyes due to Smoking Weed?

why do your eyes get red when smoking weed
The good news is that Cannabis with the Red Eye Effect doesn't have to be a concern. Red eyes don’t stay red for too long. After an hour or two, it should be back to normal. But there are times that you need to be able to reduce the redness. It is not advisable to go for an interview or meet up with your parents or someone else for that matter if they are not clued up on cannabis. Here are some ideas of how to treat red eyes:

Eye drops – Any eye drops would do the trick. It helps to constrict the blood vessel in within moments red eyes should be back to normal. Be careful not to use too much chemical eye drops; try to get some artificial tears as well as it also bring relief.

Drink water- Cannabis has a dehydrating effect as well. Drink plenty water to hydrate yourself. This could help to limit red eyes

Use a cold compress – a cold compress will help to sooth the eyes and help to constrict the blood vessels.

Smoke strains lower in THC – That is an option, but you need to be convinced that red eyes is a big problem because you will sacrifice the euphoria.

Wear Sunglasses – Have you ever wondered why some people wear sunglasses even if it is night time? It is to hide those red eyes! Sunglasses could be your way out to hide the redness.

Wait it out – Just wait a few hours and all will be back to normal.

Finally, red eyes are part of consuming weed high in THC. It is not a serious problem and if you don’t have to be somewhere where it could be a problem to show your red eyes, don’t break your head. It is totally natural.