What is the Rosin Technique and How Can I Use It?
what is the rosin technique

What is the Rosin Technique?

In today’s world where smoking weed is not a behind-the-door thing anymore, many more ways to consume your pot are out there. One such thing is the Rosin Technique.

What is the Rosin Technique? It is a heat extraction method using any flat heat mechanism to extract or press cannabinoid-rich resin and terpenes from hash or cured bud.

Rosin is then the solidified form of resin as a result of pressurized heat with all the cannabinoids and terpenes intact.

Quite often cannabis users are on the lookout for good quality concentrates. Under the cover of concentrates, we need to understand what they are.

When Cannabis goes through an extraction process they are called concentrates. The compounds from the marijuana plant get striped away and the potent cannabinoids are left behind.

Solvent and Non - Solvent Extractions

What is the Rosin Technique
Concentrations can be classified in these two categories. Solvent concentrations are normally oils or tinctures. Non-solvent concentrations are the more enjoyable and higher grade concentrations excellent for recreational use.

What is the Rosin Technique? - Dabbing

Dabbing is the better way to get a quick and strong high where less is needed. To dab is to use a highly concentrated nugget of cannabis to render an intense high. Normally buying from your dealer could be very expensive, but the Rosin Technique makes it now easy to make your own concentrate right there in your home.

The Rosin Technique is also preferred to extracts done with Butane of CO2. Where Butane is highly flammable and harmful, as well as a  risk to use in the process, CO2 binds with insecticides and fungicides more than with cannabinoids and can put your health at risk.

How to Use the Rosin Technique

What is the Rosin Technique
It is possible to get Rosin presses on the market and it is especially helpful if you want to go into business by offering dabs for sale.

You can also do it yourself at home and for this you would need:

Marijuana- any would do; kief, bud, hash or whatever you prefer. Any amount would work, but the smaller the amount, the better product is yielded. 0.5 – 1 gram is a good amount to start with

Flat Iron/ Hair straightener – If possible, try to use a ceramic flat iron with a digital display.

Parchment Paper- Be careful not to buy wax paper instead.

Optional – It is useful to have a 25-micron screen placed between the paper and weed. It allows the resin to pass though without the plant material. A razor is also helpful to collect the resin once the process is done.

Rosin Extracting Method:

What is the Rosin Technique
Heat iron to 200 – 340 Degrees Fahrenheit (93 – 171 Celsius)

While the iron is heating, grind the weed and make small heaps of 0.5 to 1 grams

Cut the parchment is big enough pieces to put the weed on

When iron is heated, put the enclosed parchment with weed on the bottom plate and press the top plate lightly down. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds.

Open the iron and remove the parchment paper gently to expose the resin. Each process needs a new square of paper.

The consistence and profile of the rosin will depend on the strain and amount of heat and pressure used. What is the Rosin Technique and for what it can be used is totally up to you. The end product is glassy stable oil with a shatter consistency. The Rosin Technique can also be used to extract essential oils from sift or lower grades of ice water hash.