What is THCa? How can it Benefit You?
what is thca

What is THCa?

What is THCa?
What is THCa?
Even though through major revelations have broken the distorted conception of Cannabis, there are still misunderstanding when it comes to all the benefits it has. Many people have heard by now of THC and CBD, but what is THCa? If you ever tried raw cannabis you have stumbled on THCa. What is THCa? Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that offers great benefits on several levels.

What is THCa? - Raw benefits thereof

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or THCa is found in the raw and live marijuana plant. Because of its non-psychoactive properties, it was mainly overlooked by those seeking a euphoric “high”. But with all the medicinal benefits exposed, more users are looking towards THCa, as it produces the same therapeutic value as THC. Not everyone is going for the psychoactive experience.

THCa acts as a precursor to THC

what is THCa?
What is THCa?

THCa is an acidic precursor to THC. For recreational use, the plant gets dried and cured. During this process, THCa slowly converts to THC. We all know that to activate THC it has to use the process of decarboxylation to be psychoactive. THCa is found in the raw leaves and offers tremendous benefits for health purposes.

What are the Benefits of THCa?

What is THCa?
What is THCa?

What is THCa good for then? There is not enough research on THCa yet, as so much is still to be discovered about all the properties and benefits of cannabis. Anecdotal evidence and preliminary research show positive results though. It gets clearer by the day that THCa will play a vital role in medical marijuana as the industry progresses. So far, THCa shows a wide array of therapeutic effects on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Anti- Nausea Effects

In studies done, it was found that THCa can be used for anti-nausea and vomiting treatment. The effect on the CB1 receptors was greater than that of THC. This is great news for those suffering from cancer treatment as they would prefer having the benefit of THC without the high.

Anticancer benefit

THCa produces necrosis in plant cells. It helps the plant to get rid of dead and dying cells. In the human immune system, it has the same effect. It induces cell death.

In a study in 2013, it was found that THCa the proliferation of prostate cancer cells. It is also found that THC has a great influence on programmed cell death. The benefit that THCa offers is incredible as it promotes a healthier environment inside the body that ultimately can lead to the prevention of cancer.

Anti-inflammatory effects

THCa aid the anti-inflammatory effects of other cannabinoids. THCa is able to inhibit the inflammatory cyclo-oxygenase enzymes COX1 and COX 2. These enzymes promote the production of inflammatory substances.

THCa inhibits COX1 by over 50% and COX2 by over 30%. It furthermore also has a protective effect on brain cells and cell death.

Other potential benefits

Anti-insomnia- helps with sleeping disorders

Anti-spasmodic- suppresses muscle spasms

Neuroprotective- slows damage to the brain and nervous system

How to Use THCa

It is consumed by using raw cannabis leaves or bud. You can put it in the blender and make a wonderful smoothie out of it. If the taste is too wild, add lemon or ginger to it.

In fact, prepare it to your taste. You can also use it as a garnish to your favorite dish or in salads. In any which way, raw cannabis leaves allow you to take in a 1000 times more beneficial cannabinoid acids than consuming psychoactive THC.