Black Mold on Weed Explained; Understanding it Better

There is not one of us that at some stage or another encountered mold on something we love to eat. Mold is everywhere, even if you are careful. If you are a Cannabis cultivator, Black Mold on Weed Explained is a need-to-know topic. Smoking mold-covered weed could be dangerous.

Black Mold on Weed explained- How does it Look?

If you don’t have an experienced eye, it could be difficult to identify mold. A black light or a lens is very helpful to spot mold. Here follow a few tips to identify Black Mold on weed. Look out for:

  • Dark spots of Spores
  • Fuzz- could be white, brown, or yellow fuzz
  • White, grey, or black web-like material
  • Musty, urine-like smell
  • Discolored roots

Why Mold is not welcome

Some molds are not that dangerous, but other can be dangerous. If mold is left untreated, especially in a house or grow area, it could be causing respiratory problems. Symptoms are coughing, sneezing, and sore throats.

Where does Black Mold Grow?

Black Mold on Weed Explained
Black Mold on Weed Explained

It can really grow almost everywhere and anywhere. In inside grow-rooms, it thrives in moist and warm areas that are low in nitrogen. Outside, toxic mold will grow in the ground to assist nature’s process of organic substances.

Causes of Mold- Black Mold on Weed Explained

The number one cause for mold on weed is moisture. Bad air circulation also contributes to it. Grow rooms are perfect for this as it provides a perfect condition. Using fans to mitigate this problem is very helpful as mold can be very stubborn.

Dryer areas have less trouble with mold. Mold needs also food and oxygen and therefore consumes dust and dirt on walls, but of course also on your plants.

Keep your Plants Mold-safe

Black Mold on Weed Explained
Black Mold on Weed Explained

It is vitally important to understand why the mold happens. Answer these questions:

  • Do you use fruit peels to add flavor?
  • Is the moisture to high during the drying process?
  • Do you store wet plants in airtight containers?

Respond to the questions asked doing this:

  • Buy strains suitable for your region. Know your strains and their vulnerability
  • Plant in areas where there is a breeze, but not too much
  • If planted outside, cover with a tarp to protect against too much rain
  • Where morning-dew is common, shake the plants well in the morning.

What to do when you discover mold

Black Mold on Weed Explained
Black Mold on Weed Explained

When you spot mold on your plant, immediately cut the infected parts out. Mold spreads very fast and precaution needs to be taken when infected parts are removed. Clean also the scissors and gloves used in the process. Ventilate the room well and decrease humidity to less than 50 %.

Important: when the infection is too advanced, dispose of it immediately. Apart from not being good for human health, it also spread very fast.

Black Mold on weed Explained- final thoughts

Black mold is hazardous and can cause serious health problems. If it is on dried cannabis, it goes into your body too. If it is in the growing area and pretty far advanced, the area might have to be totally cleared and an expert should get rid of the mold.

Do not try to get rid of black mold yourself as it is a very tricky business and serious health hazard.